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Yeshua aka Jesus Christianity and the Second Coming through an ET perspective[hupso]

A vast and comprehensive compilation of various extraterrestrial transmissions and interactions regarding the topics of: Jesus, Christ Consciousness, Religions on Earth, Second Coming, Church and many other profound understandings related to those topics.

All talks are credited to an E.T. first-contact specialist, ambassador and friend of Humanity, who has been emanating immensely valuable and highly beneficial information for the last approx. 30 years, and going by the name of: Bashar, and channeling through Daryll Anka. See for more information

An live and ‘ever-evolving’ material that will constantly be refined and updated (in the the areas of information contained and ergonomics aspect), so checking back often, or ideally subscribing or following on social media in order to be posted on all updates, might be a beneficial endeavor.




A long Q & A interaction:


 Q:  Are you and your people familiar with Christianity?

B:  To some degree.

Q:  Well, I believe in Jesus Christ as our savior…

B:   When you say you believe in Jesus Christ, what does that mean?

Q:  That means that I believe in a God who created the universe, including all of us, and that because we are all sinners, Jesus…

B:  One moment!  You believe you are a sinner?

Q:  Yes.

B:  What is a sinner?   Will you define this for me?  I understand the concept of sin, but have not heard the concept from you.  Would you, therefore, define the concept of “sinner” for me in your own way — as it relates to how you see yourself?

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